Terms of Service

  1. You must be at least 18 years old to use our services.
  2. Creators - we will not tolerate any creators showing couple engaing in sex. Such will be removed immediately and their account closed.
  3. Any adult material need to be marked as 18+ when posting. What constitutes nudity: genitals, fully exposed buttocks and female breasts if they include the nipple -- except if the women are breastfeeding or showing post-mastectomy scars.
  4. If the material is marked as 18+ and it is not, it may be refunded back to customer without warning and such post removed. Falsely marking posts as 18+, may lead to suspension of Creators' account.
  5. In order to protect our members we reserve right to remove posts with excessive pricing.
  6. Can not offer sexual services and dates on the site
  7. Can not advertise Viber and other platforms. Only use your social media links in your profile settings. Any Creators advertising their own channels will be banned.
  8. Creators selling their services outside of this platform while using our services will be banned.
  9. Creators are being paid ONCE a month. Please submit your payment request first using "Make withdrawal". It takes 7 days to process the request. Please make sure to update your payout bank information. New Creators can submit withdrawal request ONLY after 30 days grace period counting from the day they sign up on eXantria.
  10. Creators need to submit valid Government-Issued ID card, clearly showing their picture and age. 
  11. Creators are obligated to put at least 10 posts per month included in their PAID subscription.
  12. Creators must provide a profile link to at least one social media account like: Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. 
  13. No nudity in public space (free subscription or profile page banner/profile picture).
  14. No spamming of other members. Creators can send bulk messages to their subscribers related to their content, but any other mass messaging will not be tolerated.
  15. We do not allow selling any services outside the scope of services offered by this platform, such as ecommerce items.
  16. Creators - Videos and Pictures need to present value for customer. We will remove PPV posts with excessive pricing. Continuous violation of this will result in account suspension and refund of all to clients. First warning will result in 14 days hold on payment.
  17. Any Creator violating our terms and conditions will receive warning first, if violations occur again, creator's account will be banned and subscribers refunded their fees. 
  18. Terms and services can be changed and amended at any time. Users of this site should check this page regularly.
  19. No violence, violent material or Violent/abusive language will be tolerated on our platform. Users will be banned without warning.  
  20. We are a USA based company, as such we obey USA laws. Any material that is illegal in accordance with the state of Delware or USA Federal Laws, will be removed.
  21. All payments are non-refundable, by joining our website customer agrees not to issue any dispute with credit card company or any other payment provider. All issues should be resolved by contacting us directly. 
  22. Customer can cancel subscription any time on Creators' page by clicking Unsubscribe button. If there are any issues, customer should contact us first via email/social media. Customer agrees not to open dispute with credit card company before making efforts to contact us to solve any issues/refund requests. We usually reply within 1 business day.
  23. We preserve right to keep good quality of the website for our customers and remove low quality and blured images.
  24. For Creator withdrawals we use current rate from KBZ bank at the time of withdrawal. 
  25. If payment has a chargeback from the credit card company (customer refunds) money is returned back to the client and deducted from Creators' account.
  26. If a User seeks a chargeback or dispute from their credit card company, the User's access to Exantria may be discontinued or limited. If you believe your account has been limited in error, please contact support.
Referal Program

eXantria offers referal fees for introducing others to our platform.

There are two ways to earn income by refering others to eXantria.

1)  Referral Fee

5% of Creator Earning for 1 month if support of Creator is not provided.

2) Commission

- 5% for life as long as support is provided for Creator.

You should contact us and get leads approved first.

Any questions or legal queries, please address to us in writing at:

Exantria Corp.,
2055 Limestone Rd. STE 200-C
Wilmington, DE 19808