Mobile Money & Financial Inclusion Summit 2019


Emerging countries such as Myanmar are banking on mobile money operations to propel the country further forward. Financial inclusion is essential to economic development in such emerging markets where successful implementation of digital finance systems could increase GDPs of all emerging economies by 6%, or a total of $3.7 trillion, by 2025. Digitization will bring millions into the financial system where users can leapfrog straight into mobile money platforms especially in countries where trust and penetration in traditional banking methods are low. With landmark updates in mobile financial services regulation and the recent approvals for Wave Money, M-Pitesan and OK Dollar to take off in Myanmar, experts are optimistic that the 90% unbanked, who are currently extremely financially active but outside of the formal banking system will eventually be included through mobile money. In Myanmar, research presented this year as part of the nationwide Making Access Possible (MAP) financial inclusion study highlighted a significant increase in access to formal financial services products in Myanmar. Growth in formal financial inclusion between 2013 and 2018 grew by almost two thirds, an increase of over 6 million adults, exceeding previously set targets. By 2020, Myanmar targets: to increase financial inclusion in Myanmar from 30% in 2014 to 40%; to equip adults with more than one product from 6% to 15%; and to make available a full range of affordable and effective quality financial services by getting all stakeholders to work together in an integrated manner. In line with these goals, the 10th Mobile Money & Financial Inclusion Summit 2019 will focus on improving financial literacy and industry collaboration. The 10th Mobile Money & Financial Inclusion Summit will once again be the cornerstone platform and blueprint for all stakeholders to address common challenges such as the distribution networks, workforce and capacity building, inadequate physical and technological infrastructure, market readiness and evolving regulations. The latest joint ventures and partnerships will be highlighted, case studies shared and strategies robustly debated. New trends, opportunities and technologies will be showcased, once again providing the perfect platform for extraordinary networking opportunities for all Summit participants. MAP : No. 82, Sin Phyu Shin Avenue Pyay Road, 6½ Mile, Ward 11 MM, Yangon 11052, Myanmar (Birmanie)

When Wed From April 3, 2019 to
April 4, 2019

9:00 am - 6:00 pm
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No. 82, Sin Phyu Shin Avenue Pyay Road, 6½ Mile, W


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