Fermentation Workshop


Come and learn how to make your own healthy ferments at home! Katherine Lewiston is a music teacher in Yangon and an amateur fermentation enthusiast! When not making music, she spends her weekends and evenings experimenting with different fermentation and cooking techniques with her husband. Together, they regularly ferment vegetables in various forms and make fermented drinks such as kombucha, ginger beer, and mead. Fermenting can be an easy way to increase your probiotic intake, enhance your food's flavors, and store food for longer periods of time! It's simple, safe, and fun to learn different fermentation techniques and explore new flavors! This workshop will be a quick look at two basic lacto-fermenting paths: sauerkraut and brined vegetables. Kokkoya Organics is an urban farm that focuses on training youth in organic farming and encouraging sustainable living within the city! The workshop area looks directly over the farm, an oasis in Yangon! 3.30-4.30pm, Saturday 17th November 25,000mmk/person Participants leave with jars of fermented creations made during the workshop. Limited spaces available so be sure to book by emailing kokkoyaorganics@gmail.com or send us a PM.

When Sat From November 17, 2018 to
November 17, 2018

3:30 pm - 5:30 pm
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