U Bein Bridge is just one of Myanmar's most renowned attractions.

So, exactly what exactly it is?

U Bein Bridge is thought to be the oldest and longest teak timber bridge in the world. As we have previously said, it stretches for 1.2 km that's a fairly impressive feat viewing as it was constructed over 150 decades back. To be exact, its place is in fact from the older historical capital of Amarapura, that is just on the outskirts of Mandalay. The bridge itself plays a huge role in the daily life of sailors with countless crossing by either side or bicycle to get to work or even the regional markets. Ever since becoming a favorite tourist attraction, most today create their livelihood in the bridge by providing boat rides, promoting food and water by displaying their impressive understanding of its own history.

Why the Title?

For the fairly simple reason that"U Bein" was that the guy who constructed the bridge. Or at least he was the local mayor in the time and arranged its structure. In Burmese civilization the"U" before a title is an honorific name like"Mr", while"Bein" is his real name.

Now things get a bit muddled now, with numerous distinct dates thrown around which marginally contradict each other. He made the choice to reuse as much stuff out of Amarapura in the building of Mandalay, possibly to conserve expenses, or even more inclined to conserve his kingdoms history. With the support of elephants to transfer the stuff, his new capital was officially launched in 1859.

In this move interval, the local mayor of Amarapura, U Bein, managed to salvage a few of their teak timber in the currently dismantled Inwa Palace. Utilizing over 1000 columns, U Bein started building the bridge round Thaungthaman Lake so as to decrease the time it took to get into the monastic school (about a 13 mile walk).

The Structure

Bearing in mind that this bridge has been constructed over 150 decades back, it is a very impressive feat of technology. Apparently engineers quantified the putting of the columns by counting their footsteps one by one and utilizing conventional scaling methods.

Most, if not all, of those teak columns have been replaced with concrete to offer a stronger foundation. This is required most especially in August and September when the lake rises as a result of monsoon rains, and frequently breaches on the surface of the bridge. Throughout the drier weeks of March and April, the tall columns tower over the water as all but dries up.

The bridge is renowned for not only its construction, but also for becoming a vital part of the community. The bridge has turned into an important passageway for more than 150 decades, helping kids get to college, anglers to station their own grab and sailors to attain significant religious websites and markets.

Through time that the livelihoods of the sailors has started to change, with many currently relying on tourism for their income. Because of this U Bein Bridge today supplies a living to local vendors selling their souvenirs, fishermen that offer to take passengers for a ride , and local entrepreneurs wishing to practice their English by displaying their background of the famed bridge.

Together with its distinguishing features and panoramic views, it isn't any surprise that tourists fall in love with it. Tourists usually arrive here for sunset, walking across the primary passageway or viewing the iconic perspective in the fisherman's boat on the lake. Here you're able to catch both the regular lifestyle of locals going about their company, combined with the stunning landscape as a backdrop.

For all those wanting to truly see something unique, come together at sunrise. View the early morning mist begins to clean as the city slowly awaken and start their commute throughout the bridge, as the sun starts to climb. At this moment, we promise you will find no other tourists, only youthe bridge, along with the city.

The Last Word

For to U Bein Bridge, then you will have to take a vehicle from Mandalay. It is about 11 km south of their old capital so it is going to take approximately 20 minutes to drive there and most of taxis will know precisely where it is.

To find the best views we would either advise hiring out a ship and seeing the sunset in the lake, or even creating your way into the far side of the bridge where you will discover some local tea shops around the water's edge. For both, it is ideal to find there early so that you can tote the front place.