Tankhu (Tagu)
Myanmar New Year

It typically begins in the 13th of April because it is based on the Myanmar calendar. This festival is known as'Thingyan' meaning'Change'. During that festival, Myanmar men and women throw water friends, and even strangers in the roads. Even foreigners and the rest of the believers can take part in this merriest festival of Myanmar. Everybody is able to observe those pleasant scenes and sights or he might elect for spiritual meritorious acts or merely enjoy relaxation and diversion in a festive atmosphere.


Pouring water 'New Year' is thought to cleanse the body and head of evils of this year which has been left behind. People, particularly youths, throw sprinkling scented water on beloved friends. Each of the playing along with jesting go with the soul of the surrounding climate. It isn't all fun and entertainment. Some older and pious keep Sabbath and execute lots of meritorious deeds. Furthermore, a caring action we could observe during Thingyan times is cows and fish being discharged to the rivers.


As some scholars state, Tha-Gyar-Min is a deity made from Hindu mythology. Then, who just is that Tha-Gyar-Min? He might be a mythical person however, he's quite much within the domain of Buddhist teaching and way of living. He's not an immortal like these Greek warrior . Tha-Gyar-Min, the same as the other celestials, has a lengthy life-span, tens of thousands of times more than that of individual life. Tha-Gyar-Min is only a being who in his past existence has done great deeds. As a string, it induces him to be reborn in that wonderful state -- a lifetime of bliss and sensuous joy.


During Thingyan times, Tha-Gyar-Min arrives to our planet and assess on the behavior of human morals. He consistently brings two novels -- one coated with'dog-skin' and another with'golden'. He records the titles of people who have committed sins to the'dog-skinned' publication whilst enters those do-gooders' titles in the publication of gold.


Thus, it's the right time to maintain fasting, give alms to the poor and perform great deeds. As a beautiful heritage of Myanmar, Myanmar youths -- both boys and girls -- provide the elderly people personal service, such as washing and massaging their hair. There are loving and goodwill and affectionate kindness all around. Therefore, Thingyan becomes an effective way to begin the New Year .


The Watering Tree Festival

Following the very first month'Tagu' with sprays of water showering on each other with goodwill stems Kason, the next month of this year. Once more water is pumped.


On the entire moon of Kason month is a three-fold anniversary: the arrival of Prince Siddhartha, a Buddha to-be, His accomplishing Enlightenment in the foot of the Bodhi tree along with also the departure of the Buddha to Nibbana (the greatest spiritual state which may possibly be attained. It supplies exactly the identical significance as'Nirvana').


Such episodes at the Buddha's presence live in poems, music, paintings, plays, scriptures, and last but not least, at the hearts of the Buddhists.


With expectation of deliverance from suffering, this day has been warmly welcomed and lies under the center of devotees.


Prince Siddhartha, today in hermit' garb, sat beneath the Bodhi tree, rejoicing and powerful, and out of His lips hauled onto the words starting Aneka Jatisangasrung, a song of victory. It was a magnificent moment. On this morning, he can declare,"I understand thee, not shalt thou construct these walls again of pain". He'd been the Buddha.


After 45 decades of preaching the Truth he'd discovered, the Buddha passed away to Nibbana on the exact same full moon day of Kason. His very last admonition to His disciples was:"Always be careful: not allow ourselves slip into neglect and forgetfulness."


Buddhists celebrate these friendships by providing alms, maintain precepts, and practise meditation. Because such deeds are done communally, the habit of visiting local pagodas in classes is celebrated for centuries. Women and men of all ages visit local pagodas so as to pour water over the sacred tree. Young ladies carry water pots on their minds, none overly heavy, but only enough to give them a Balinese elegance since they walk .


With one or more mountebanks dance to the snappy songs one can have all the pleasure and entertainment. One needs to not be especially talented to have the ability to play with these instruments, and each one normally can produce the dancing steps. Everyone can join . The tunes played are folk tunes, classical arias and at times even contemporary pop songs.


*Enlightenment - in Buddhism, enlightenment is the closing spiritual condition where everything is known and there's not any more excitement or distress.


The Scriptual Examination


Now, what's moist with overcast skies, and torrential storms and rains. It may be stated that it's"fair is foul, and foul is fair" kind of weather. Anyway it may be an alteration, not so pleasant as you would want, however a change out of these hot days ought to be welcome. Nature is in full grandeur as well as also the brain makes a green doctrine in a green setting. The weather is excellent for setting up on a couch using a fine book. It's likewise a story time when children gather round the older granny.


The booming noise of thunder was out of the celestial drum whose framework was made of this shell of a crab that breakfasted on colossal mastodons. The crab's claws functioned as drumsticks. , strikes on the drum to rally his powers.


With thunder, rain and lighting, it's in this month which scriptual evaluations for monks and nuns are held. The secular people, conscious of their support of their monks and their lifelong devotion to the analysis of the Buddha's teachings, do their best to provide the conveniences and conveniences of their candidates. It's critical to provide daily alms food to people who come from different cities to the exam centers. Contributions into the cause are given by the community as well as organizations.


Organizations accountable for supplying daily alms food into a high number of monks. Each family takes in a couple of monks, depending on their means.


Apart from written assessments, you will find people in which the candidates must recite all of the scriptures of rote.


There are but few who can pass the recitation evaluations and people who do are showered with honors and presents. It's in deep regard to the Theras (Monks) of olden days, that enshrined the Planet of the Buddha within their own hearts, the convention of recitation by rote remains kept up to the day.



Lenten season

Sobriety, self-denial and spiritual contemplation would be the auspicious sights of Waso. The tinkling of brass triangular gongs summons put folk to come and donate what they can towards the tropical supply of alms food for those monasteries.


The afternoon will begin with the tinkling of Doo-Wei-Wei in the brass triangular gong along with the wealthy sing-song voice recorders:"Hear Ba-Wun-Taw (pious), very good friends, our companions-in-doing meritorious actions, please awaken.


The statement is couched in poetic prose along with recognizable Pali words such as Ba-Wun-Taw (pious). So, together with the tinkling of this brass triangular gong on your mind, your rorolen your mattress from 1 side to another murmuring,"Thus, it is time to the kitchen.


It's nevertheless in semidarkness, but not all gloomy, since the atmosphere is full of the elegance of the forthcoming day. It's wonderful to be awakened from the tinkling of this brass gong along with the sing-song chanting of this Neik-Ban-Saws.


How aptly will be the organizers of those benevolent actions called Neik-Ban-Saws, usushers-in-to-heaven?hey go around in procession collecting alms for monasteries. Some take silver bowls to assemble coins. To obtain meals, you will find big three-legged lacquer trays with collections of little stalks inside called'Soon-Oat'.


People today bless the Neik-Ban-Saws, that make things convenient for individuals to perform meritorious deeds which could open the gates of both heavenly areas. They view that monks aren't permitted to stay overnight away from the monastery precincts.


Waso is when folks perform meritorious actions and clinic contemplation and self-denial. People today make it a point of fasting and celebrating special precepts daily weekly. It's great in a way for individuals to be reminded of their requirement for self discipline.


Marriages are taboo throughout the lent. It's not due to any spiritual idea, but since Monsoon period is a hectic period for the farmer and it's more suitable to observe weddings following the harvest is safely home. However, some execute fans often rush to wedlock prior to the lent starts.


The complete moon of Waso month will be the anniversary of this very first Sermon the Buddha preached, in Isipatana, sylvan woodland of Migadhaya ( Deer Park). It is meet that the Buddha must provide his first discourse from the large open spaces in which the deer could roam safe and free. This was peace reigned and in which the deer as well as the chasing tiger ceased tolisteningo the voice of the compassionate Buddha.


The Buddha's first sermon was discovered 25 centuries past. The four noble truths, specifically, Suffering, the Origin of Suffering, Ceasing of the route that Contributes to the Ceasing of Suffering.


Maybe many might not have the ability to grasp the fact the Buddha instructs, but whatever small effort they put in contemplation and meditation provides tethemtrength to confront life.


"May we, at future-one of those days, Don that the Blossoms of this Dhamma."


Maha Dok Festival (Alms-Bowls Festival)

Busy city dwelling deters the dwellers of contemporary cites from enjoying the natural, stunning magnificence of monsoon. Anyway heavy rains don't promote drifting.


Just the rural regions are where we may observe the delightful elegance of these rains. On the outskirts of small cities and towns, fields stretch outside easily. After the pops narrow off, the trees throughout the landscape require a bow.


A burst of mass singing comes out since the women respond to the young guys playing Myanmar drums and cymbals as they stroll across the ridges of these areas. Since they've done their share of work -- ploughingthey can stroll together with their musical instruments to amuse the girls that were working. They'll be wearing wide selection coolie hats made from palm fronds beneath the drizzle.


They young guys seem dashing and gallant.


The bark can be used as skin conditioner or confront bunch of make-up base . No rice planter woman will enter areas without wearing thanakha glue -- a beautifier in addition to protection against climate.


Wagaung again is per month to get alms-giving by casting a lot. According to the convention and tradition, communal classes solicit donors to prepare alms-bowls, more or one each, based upon the way and will of their donor. Each bowl is full of a few rice with a curry and curry such as fruits and sweets.


Monks are encouraged to obtain the bowls and a lot are drawn. And, the monk would be to get whatever bowl his whole lot drops. That is not the ending. Each donor is subsequently given lots of their bowl and a lot are drawn again to the winning amount. The blessed donor frequently receives a sum of cash. Generally, the winner is overjoyed with his fortune; he considers he is given another chance to perform more good deeds of virtue. He spends his cash for still another alms-giving. He might likely add some thing out of his own pocket to earn the present appear more substantial.


Therefore, casting a lot for alms-bowls is a joyous fun and guarantee. It's known as the Maha Dok festival. Everything started with a guy named Maha Dok, who had been the contemporary of the Buddha.


Boat Racing Festival

Monsoon has only gone. The sky becomes apparent. Since the sun's beams undergo the drizzle, a seven-coloured rainbow begins swinging in the breeze like the tail of phoenix.


A sense of love is your atmosphere. The second of banning on weddings was raised with the close of the Lenten year . The couples become active using their wedding programs .




The powerful river rolls out such as matting.


The river, serene and calm, is inviting the aquatic sportsmen. This can be a month -- a month of ship races. This civilization of ship races originated because the reign of Myanmar Kings. And, from the songs, poems and novels, we get to understand that those vessel races don't reveal just speed but also ability and elegance. A document claims that you will find just 37 types of boat rowing. Each style owns a name.



Regattas of these Myanmar Kings' times were under imperial patronage. The royal household, the queen, king, prince and princess, had their own ships engaging. There were entertaining, songs and color galore. Boat tunes were written only for this specific event. The boatmen wore multicolored liveries that fit the banner ads of the ships.


There's a story concerning this regal regatta festival. It occurred when the King Bodawpaya reigned from 1719 to 1819, won a somewhat suspicious"victory" within the queen. However, 1 time, the king lost the race for 3 years running.


That king had a favorite courtier named U Paw Oo, that had been smart, learned, and talented with irrepressible humor and humor. Additionally, he had been just 1 minister who may dare the royal anger and state what needed to be mentioned. In addition, he played with the courtroom idiot and pinpointed that greater decision was demanded.


The king got humiliated by the veiled quips in the queen and her women. It had been quite certain the queen's ship would also triumph again this year. He would withstand three-years-continuous shed, but it wasn't good enough to shed again. He has to win this year. He had to fall back on U Paw Oo to assist him.

U Paw Oo, at last promised his grasp that matters would be quite different from prior years.


The excellent day dawned. There was stressed with enthusiasm and expectations. The primary participant to come into perspective was that the queen. People cheered. The king cast a peek at U Paw Oo. The importance of the eyes has been"Just wait and watch, Your Majesty".


That significant royal barge bowled together, dignified and stately, oblivious of this queen's kayak skimming towards the aim. In the prow that a bejeweled figurehead dazzled in sunlight. In the helm was a comely fairy maneuvering along with her floral soft hands.


A loud burst of cheering type that the queen's supporter came out. They threw jibes and quips in the king's men. There were peals of laughter, no more controlled or discreet.


He couldn't even shout for U Paw Oo. He just happened to create a bigger fool of himself. U Paw Oo came nearer to his imperial master and stated,"Your Majesty, can not you see the way your barge has gained a critical victory, such as failure of a tiny kayak runs off for her precious life from the vanguard. Never mind what common men and women say or believe. It's only the wise and the good that knowing a success when they visit one!"


The show moved on with much more mirth and enjoyable.


Festival of Lights

It marks the conclusion of this lent. The sky is quite bright and clear and monsoon is on the road out. Sunny days are here in order to say.


The austerity, therefore temporarily and restraint of afterward Lenten year along with the moist muddy gloom of this monsoon-all that these have given way to festivities and fun. Together with the ban of weddings lifted, there's the odor of engines leaves and lilies in the atmosphere. The gentle breeze feels just like music of flutes and harps.


There are 3 times for mild festival, especially the afternoon before the complete moon day, the complete moon day and the day following the complete moon day, will probably be those of dancing, fun and music. Illuminations will there be to celebrate the anniversary of the Buddha's return in the celestial abode once he'd spent the lent instructing the gods over His Legislation.


It had been on the complete moon day of Thadingyut month the Buddha descended into the abode of people. His and his disciples were attended with a heavenly host of celestials who generated a pathway of celebrities. People in the world educated the houses and roads to welcome the Buddha and His disciples.


Even though the anniversary is about the complete moon day that the Myanmar way of observing this occasion would be to have a festival on the eve, to welcome the afternoon and the true day and then the day following to provide a grand send-off. So, the three festival times rather than one.


All public buildings, roads and homes are filled with lighting and festooned with colored electric bulbs and paper or plastic lantern. 1 characteristic of the festival in tiny cities and towns would be see-mee lighting; little earthen bowls are full of sesame oil and a bit of cotton is soaked in every bowl and lighted.


The lights continue more than candles along with the small tongues of fire quivering in the breeze give an uncanny beauty into the spectacle indulged in silvery moonlight. Such lights are occasionally found on the pagoda in Yangon.


The spectacle of this Buddha's descent in the celestial areas can be recreated in the roads or pagoda precincts, all performed on newspaper Mache and poster paintings and needless to say, lights. The festival is frequently known as the Tawadaintha feast: Tawadaintha, being the title of this celestial abode in which the Buddha spent the Lenten year .


Additionally it is a year of festivals and rejoicing. The Buddha's trip to the celestial areas was to educate the fantastic Truth he'd discovered through rigorous striving for several lives, to his mother. It was a gesture of appreciation, a good example for everyone to follow. The Buddha created the best present to all, especially the present of Dhamma (the legislation ) that could deliver her from giggling and for all.


Throughout the Thadingyut year Myanmar Buddhists go around paying respects to parents, teachers, older relatives and friends.


It's fairly usual for its senior citizens at the road or residential quarter to get respects and gifts from the younger individuals of their community. Occasionally it's a organized affair, however that doesn't stop them from moving to elderly people separately to pay respects. In this manner, it's more pleasant and intimate.


The term radar is a regular saying in Myanmar life. Whenever you need to mention something indelicate or impolite, you state it with the term kadaw; exactly the exact same term is employed as an apology for any transgression such as, bumping into somebody or stepping onto the other's feet.


The habit of performing the action of Kauai is suspended from the Buddhist approval of this samsara, the round of rebirths, being born and reborn; all beings, people and others go across the cycle, fulfilling one another in heterosexual or heterosexual relationships. Consequently, one of individuals meeting one another within this current existence there could be kindness and love since there will be hate and enmity too. There could be improper actions dedicated consciously or unintentionally to another during the unending journey of samsara.


The elders, even as they take that the kadaw from young men and women ask forgiveness within their own turn for any wrongful actions or harm that they might have been guilty of. This reciprocal action is known as the"erasing the slate", friends and kinsmen can begin with a"fresh slate" with only kindness and love. Paying respects or kadaw ceremonies are coordinated and held in colleges. Buddhist parables illustrate the fantastic influence of teachers in their students, though the latter could have turned into judgment kings.


This really is the soul of Thadingyut year...paying heed to those to whom honor is because of remembering people to whom we owe gratitude.


The Festival of Offerings

It's quite convenient, therefore mention fun-loving Myanmar, the newspaper lanterns and decorations are still in rather good terms to be set up in 3 week's time. The festival which held at Tazaungmone is generally known as Tazungdine festival.


The festival is said in tales ahead of the Buddha's time as Katrina festival, in honor of the protector gods of the planets,'' it's said that particular planetary sings of the zodiac have been in the ascendant throughout the entire month. The effect of these planets in ascendance is for example people's ideas are bent on mischief. It's through the month which thieves are transferred to ply their trade.


Although Tazaungdine lights festival started in the days immemorial as a folk ritual, it's considered now as a essentially cultural festival. The month will be the time for supplying the robes . Many monks are needing fresh robes. Offering of robes and other gifts from the season are created not to any person monk. Offering of gifts to monks, even if it's to bear the highest fruition has to be made into the Order as a whole rather than to a single monk. Donors, being person are usually moved to provide presents to monks by private feelings.


It's the habit of the community to arrange the offering of presents, everyone participation in money or in form. Members of the exact same for this function and gather presents for your monastery. Presents are hanging in constructions. They're Katrina presents and anybody is welcome to hang on anything he wants to donate, a small coin or even a cake of soap-no thing however what are little.


These constructions wrapped together with presents are known as padentha trees. The significance of padentha is a lot and inexhaustible riches. Kathein offering is regarded as one the very meritorious deeds.


The highlight of kathein offering is that the weaving of non-stale robes so called since the robes aren't permitted to go rancid, which is to saythey are stitched inside the distance of the evening. This, obviously, is discretionary, not always a thing in the spiritual program. It's possibly a folk heritage to promote the craft of weaving. This ritual glorifies the frequent labor of these rural inhabitants.


Beneath the glare of neon lights, moonlight barely has a opportunity to work its own magic. This year is a joyous one from the truest sense of this term. Illuminations, reveals, all of this and padentha trees also.



'Nattaw ( Natto)' is the title of the month on the Myanmar calendar corresponding to'December' of this calender at International usage . At the time of Myanmar Kings, it had been per month to get oblation into deities of'Nats','' hence the title of this month. In fact, it's not that the Myanmar people are animists paying homage to Nats, but Animism who had obtained roots from quite ancient times had survived, although in quite limited spheres, even if the Theravada Buddhism attained Batman from the 11th century (C.E.) and also King Anawratha admitted it and left it the region of his own kingdom, suppressing all corruot companies of worship such as animistic and unwholesome practices which originated Pre-Buddhist Bagan. Thus, just in early times, the seasonal festival was offerings of Nats, but this convention had evaporated in 1885. In the year 1944, a particular sort of festival arose, i.e. a party in honor of this literati (Sarsodaw).


Ceremonies of awards in a variety of areas of literary work are often held on the anniversaries of great literary characters --such as Na-wa-be, Nat-shin-naung, Seinda-Kyawthu, Let-we-thondra, Myawady Mingyi U Sa, U Ponnya, etc.. Writers and poets travel all of the nation to fulfill their subscribers and maintain seminars, talks and discussions on literary topics.


Kayin New Year

The Mayans, among those Union National Groups at the Union of Myanmar, celebrate their"new crop" ceremony earning their New Year. Garbed in their nationwide costumes, dances and tunes are placed on show high-lighting with their playful'Don' folk dance.


Phathou (Pyatho)
Equestrian Festval

Myanmar is a Land of festivals Because the Afternoon of Myanmar Kings.


Each month, there's a significant festival to be celebrated. It's the month designated to your equestrian festival. It was in effect an event to pick heroes.


The final monarch of Myanmar at Yadanapon Era, King Thibaw failed hole the festival viewing it from the distinctive panel built from the eastern stand.The event initiated using all the royal Pageantry. The expansive scene of this marching outside in creation of the infantry, the cavalry along with the dinosaurs as the principal columns, followed with the back flank in enactment of this procession of early Myanmar Kings. The magnificent display was inspiriting patriotic pride and spirit.


After, Myanmar King has arranged the equestrian festival less an occasion for festivity except to choose men of valor for its defense of the country. The King himself assessed the series. These days, National Independence Day coincides with the Python festival also it's among the very auspicious months of this year. Myanmar continued its liberty for millennium but dropped its sovereignty to foreign domination very quickly. But, all federal races combined forces and set an armed struggle when after the British invasion to recover sovereignty and national independence for at least a decade. You will find bitter lessons to not be forgotten by the country. Contrary to the olden times, Pyatho parties are being held at the context of Independence Day. Festivities are renowned all around the nation in this season.


The whole nation is lit up. Yangon is ablaze during the night with illuminations all around town. All of Myanmars, in different walks of life, celebrate 'Pwes', fun fair and races all around the cuuntry.Therefore, the entire month of Pyatho isn't just to be recalled for its last glory but also to remind us of the value of national unity as investment. Additionally, Pyatho, now this specific period is earmarked mostly for local pagoda festivals. A couple significant pay-was (pagoda festivals) are stored in Python. The famed Ananda Temple festival of Bagan drops at this moment.


Festival of Hta-ma-nae(Glutinous Rice)

Abode (February), the eleventh month of the Myanmar calendar, is time to get the festival of'Hta-ma-ne' at honor of the conventional harvesting interval --a mild meals prep of glutinous rice, cocked and smashed from petroleum, together with the addition of different components like ground-nut, sesame seeds, ginger and ginger slices.Htamane feast is celebrated communally or performed only from the personal circle of family members and friends. The character of this beast is that, in whatever manner that the feast is celebrated, it signifies a significant gathering because most hands are required. In the communal feast folks come about with donations of glutinous rice and other components. It's a choice though; you can simply give his support, or even anything else.


Boys and guys tear off the fibers of this coconut until the casing interior makes it look. The casing is broken and milk indoors is shared with the deserving employees. The kernel is removed and slit onto a carpenter's plane. Ladies shell the peanuts; the seed is placed on a flat tray plus a fair-sized jar is wrapped over therm to eliminate the thin husk. Cooking oil is amazing and shredded ginger would be the very first to go in, then the glutinous rice that has already been soaked in plain water.


A huge cauldron of water has been maintained to be inserted into the glutinus rice cooking at the kettle . After the rice is tender , the iron kettle is eliminated from the flame and two stalwart men, each having a massive wooden ladle, start to stir the rice beating it between the ladles. A seasoned man help involving the 2 guys to smooth the stir performance, holding two ladles harmoniously. Even as they stir and crush, the glutinous rice has stickier and they must use not just their potency but also their ability to generate the coagulate mass return to their ladles.


After a while of vigorous stirring and crushing, most individuals come across to include chopped coconuts and peanuts to produce the hold item a fantastic mix. Sesamum seeds have been added listing. This past doesn't call for advantage, but it requires ability, therefore Myanmar say.


Month of Pagoda Festivals

Tapping is the twelfth Myanmar month and the previous month at the Myanmar calendar and generally drops in February-March. It's the period of transition in the cold into the warm season. Gossamer clouds float over clear blue sky and rivers and streams have shifted from their rolling up boisterous part in monsoon into some sedate, limpid demureness in keeping with their declines in rates and volume of flow. Therefore, it's no surprise that poets commended the scenic beauty related to this month.


Together with the drop in the water levels of rivers and rivers, sand banks seem with this sand. In the early times of Myanmar Royalty, as there certainly were lots of mythical sand banks arose in this period and since the weather is quite pleasant and beneficial to recreation. The king, queens and their entourage surrounded by guards moved into those beautiful sand banks at the rivers and make Stupas that are made glistening white sand. The increasing of stupas made from sand and festivities surrounding this action was a prominent aspect of this month.


These festivals are conventional Myanmar equal of the american fun fairs. Food stalls, toy stores, stores, with all sorts of consumer products, magic shows, puppet shows and drams -- all these form component of this festival. Now this festivity will be to far more inclined to be celebrated in song and also the clinic is still on the wane, but in certain towns and cities in the upper component of Myanmar., however the timing is still held sacred for holding Buddha Pujayanti ceremonies, which is, sometimes for rededication of their pagodas. The most salient fact about this month is that the majority of the notable May-news ( Pagoda Festivals) are held in this season, for example, Shwedagon Pagoda Festival in Yangon (Former Capital City of Myanmar).