If you would like to try out a best  ice-cream, Remicone is the location for you.  This South Korean dessert store has selected Myanmar as their own first division in Southeast Asia -- fortunately for Yangonites!  Their ice-creams are filled with all sorts of yummy delights, such as cotton candy, syrup, dried coconut as well as popping candy.  Their signature Thunder Bomb includes popping candy and can be wrapped by using their homemade cotton candy and thunder candy.  Another magnificent choice is your Hawaiian Beach, that is decorated to look the same as a tropical shore, with dried coconut flakes like blue and sand syrup to depict the sea and topped off with a tiny umbrella to underline the beach vibe.  It is also possible to create your own ice cream by deciding on the toppings on your own and costs begin from 4,000Ks.

Tint Tint Myanmar Traditional Snacks

Tint Tint provides a variety of Myanmar traditional snacks such as sticky rice, palmira bite and hta ma new, all guaranteed to be chemical-free.  In addition to being colorfully presented, these snacks also come in a variety of shapes.  These products of Myanmar will also be export quality snacks together and arrive in neat packaging which makes them a perfect gift to give to share with loved ones from around the world.  Prices start from 1,000Ks and could be purchased for catering services too.


A self-service fro-yo store, you may pick numerous toppings to bring some decadence to a deal, from fresh fruit .  But be warned, the burden of your yogurt cup will find out the purchase price that you pay and thus don't get too greedy!


This Myanmar bite, also called ohn no thar gu pyin, created out of sago and coconut milk has been trending lately because of Ambrosia's attractive reinventing of this conventional cure.  They updated the coconut milk and sago recipe with the addition of various fruit to make new flavours.  Now, in addition to the first flavour, you also can attempt strawberry, durian, pineapple, pandan and even butterfly pea flavour.  What is more, every flavour changes the colour of this bite, which means that you may take home a rainbow box of snacks.  The butterfly pea flavour is a specially striking color of blue that is ideal for an Insta-snap.  Prices begin from 3,000Ks.

Ca Ca Fresh Drink and Coffee

This store has many different rings, shaved ice served with toppings.  Their cherry bingsu is made up also comprises strawberry and coriander and can be topped with vanilla ice cream.  Other flavours include melon, area, watermelon and a lot more.  People in the mood for something a bit different can choose toast functioned, together with fruits and ice-cream, in addition to a broad array of beverages.  Prices begin from 2,200Ks.

Address: The Central Boulevard, Corner of Kabar Aye Pagoda Road and Kan Bae Road, Yankin Township.
Phone: 09 681 471 111
Opens 10.30am – 10.30pm