Yangon's nightlife is among the very best after-hours adventures in the country - Burmese men and women understand the way to have a fantastic time, and that party-loving soul is reflected in the abundance of pubs and nightclubs spread throughout the city.  

Kosan Bar

Kosan has a reputation among the most vibrant pubs in Yangon, also for good reason.  A fashionable interior, friendly staff and the best cocktail menu in the city make this a night place you can't overlook.  Located close to the Chinese temple on 19th street, the pub is readily available when exploring the town, and is constantly packed with Yangon visitors and locals alike.  We would recommend the Mandalay Rum mojitos.   

Mr. Guitar

If you would like to experience a real taste of Yangon's local music scene, you can not go wrong with Mr. Guitar.  Situated on Sayasan St, the pub enjoys cult status amongst music aficionados because of its proprietor, May Myo Say.  Unsurprisingly, it is possible to expect live music virtually every day beginning from 7pm.  Watch out for an amazing performance from Nao's artist friends, and perhaps even the proprietor cum star musician himself...  


Among the very luxurious joints in Yangon, BME2 is the best for a clandestine rendez-vous along with a night on the tiles.  A favorite one of the capital's expat community, the team hosts a roster of top DJ talent along with a youthful audience that dancing until the wee hours of the morning each weekend.   Although BME2's beverages menu and entry fee command a premium, the air and live band/DJ combo more than makes it up.   

Pirate Bar

If you're craving is a chilly (and inexpensive beer) and a fascinating audience during your stay at Yangon, subsequently the Pirate Bar could only be for you.  It is less'all night rager' and more'cozy night with friends', but this mix makes it the ideal place to catch up with a bigger group in case you're searching for a more comfortable option to a number of Yangon's more vibrant nightspots.  Head down to 47th Street and do not allow the pirate moniker fool you -- the Pirate Bar's staff and regulars are as friendly as they come.   

7th Joint Bar & Grill

A fantastic choice of meals and (arguably) the best cocktail menu at Yangon create the 7th Joint Bar & Grill a late inclusion to our round-up of the Myanmar capital's hottest nightspots.  For the daring among you, frequent open mic nights provide the opportunity to channel your internal showman.  For the rest of us, there is the chance to see the finest of Yangon's unsung talent firsthand.