Myanmar is famous for its Burmese people's joyous spirit, and every calendar year, there are festivals that occur all over the nation. Below is the listing of festivals you shouldn't overlook as you plan your visit to Myanmar. 1 thing to notice is that the majority festivals occur in accordance with the Burmese calendar, so the dates of these festivals may vary every year. We recommend checking the dates before you travel.

1. Thingyan Festival

The Most Well-known festival in Myanmar, the Thingyan Water Festival is held in celebration of the Myanmar New Year. This festival resembles the renowned Songkran Festival in Thailand wherein folks throw or splash water in one another throughout the four-day festival. The festival occurs all round the Yangon area, but Mandalay gets got the bragging rights to be the most busy town to observe the Myanmar New Year. Normally, the festival lasts seven times however on a leap year, it continues five days. On the Burmese New Year afternoon, Myanmar individuals do great deeds by providing snacks and meals, carrying Sabbath, or cutting off claws for their mothers.

2. Kachin Manaw Festival

Manaw Festival is usually held in Kachin State and is held each year from January to welcome the New Year. Throughout the festival, you may see Manaw sticks which are long, superbly designed, and built at the center of this festival area. Kachin people usually dancing around these rods as a means to celebrate the New Year, the reunion of tribes, along with the successes in conflict. You may see amazing Kachin individuals in their traditional outfits, and you might also take part in the dance together throughout the festival.

3. Taunggyi Tazaungdaing Festival

The very popular festival held at the Shan State is that the Taunggyi Tazaungdaing, also called the Festival of Lights, which generally occurs around November. Throughout the festival, it is possible to observe numerous hot air balloons of varying shapes and dimensions which are launched into the skies as an offering into the skies, and also to fight off bad spirits. The festival is very popular with the natives since it is comparable to music festivals in which you will find loud music and a lot of food and beer. If you're travelling to Myanmar in November, then be certain that you witness this wonderful occasion. Booking your hotel beforehand is highly recommended, since the town runs from lodging very quickly because of the large number of travelers.

4. Kyaikhtiyo Thadingyut Festival

Though Thadingyut Festival is held across Myanmar, the Kyaikhtiyo Thadingyut Festival is the most well-known of all one of the natives. People light candles throughout the festival as a way to welcome the Lord Buddha back in the skies, where he's thought to preach to his reborn mum, prior to returning to ground. On the afternoon of the entire moon of Thadingyut, sailors provide 9,000 flowers and candles to the pagoda. Burmese kids also love this festival since it is when older men and women give them pocket money when they see the house of their husbands to give thanks. This heritage also reflects the filial piety character of Burmese men and women.

5. Taungbyone Nat Festival

Even though nearly all Burmese men and women believe in Buddhism, there's still a substantial population that thinks in Nats. Nats are reported to be terrestrial spirits which affect human action. Taungbyone Nat Festival is held in celebration of those spirits and is generally held around July and August. You may see people dancing and drinking during this festival. Nat believers provide beer, fried chicken, and cash to the Nat Gadaws, that are such as shamans that embody the spirits and behave as their boat. Nat Gadaws dance and perform in various costumes based on the character that they embody.

6. Kyaukse Elephant Dance Festival

Kyaukse is situated only about 44km from Mandalay, and each year around October, individuals from upper Myanmar generally visit Kyaukse throughout the festival to enjoy the elephant dance. There are normally two individuals who enter within the paper-elephant to dancing. These dancers must fully be in sync when it comes to rhythm and time for the dancing to become prosperous. This festival has been held to pay homage to the Shwe Tha Lyaung Pagoda at Kyaukse.

7. Shittaung Pagoda Festival

Usually held in April, this festival has become the most popular among Rakhine individuals. In this festival, it is possible to observe Rakhine traditional dances, boxing matches, and ship rowing contests. Additionally, it is a chance to find out more about the early temples and pagodas of this older Mrauk U Dynasty. Even though the transport access into the Mrauk U city is presently difficult (you take a 20-hour bus journey or have a trip to Sittwe airport and rent a private automobile to get a two-wheeled drive), watching the wonderful bodily actions of this Shittaung Pagoda Festival makes it worth the traveling.

These varied and famous festivals in Myanmar are not only parties, but they're a traditional means of providing a comprehensive encounter to its people's culture, ideology, and lifestyle, to both local and foreign tourists. This is something which you wouldn't need to miss when you've got the chance to see Myanmar in the ideal moment.