Balloons over Bagan

Perhaps the most recognized of Bagan's ballooning suppliers is Balloons over Bagan. What started out as one hot air balloon and a tiny team almost 20 decades ago has become a 12-balloon fleet and more than 100 largely local, experienced crewmembers.

Balloons Over Bagan includes two balloon flight choices -- premium or classic. The timeless bundle costs $340 USD per individual. Timeless balloon baskets match around approximately 10 passengers each. Free refreshments paired with wine come after drifting over Bagan's magnificent immenseness.

To get a more romantic, in-flight travel, the premium option ($450 USD per individual ) has smaller baskets which match eight travelers in the slightest, with different compartments for couples. Additionally, it contains an interactive tour plus a continental breakfast later with as much wine or even more than the traditional balloon flight.

However, for having just been around because 2013, it has become another massive ballooning operation. Oriental Ballooning advertises lots of the very same extras and services as Balloons over Bagan. Basket sizes vary from as romantic as four up to the capability to hold 12 passengers. The cost is $399 USD per individual.

All hot air balloon rides last about 45 minutes. Book far beforehand, as spaces fill up fast -- particularly during peak tourist period. Costs are usually higher from mid-December into mid-January. Inquire while reserving.

In case ballooning over Bagan does not match your travel budget this time round, or if climbing at great heights over the archaeological zone sounds somewhat too daunting, there is still a opportunity to marvel in the hot air balloons as they float in with the sunrise. For a number of the greatest shots visit Shwegu Gyi Paya to shoot in a scenic view of neighboring temples and Bagan's legendary skyline dotted with balloons in the space.

Additionally, there are other popular air balloon companies in Bagan, also ballooning over many popular travel destinations in Myanmar is potential. Look high and low for the very best!

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08 Nov 2018